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Thanks to the trusted sea and air carriers with which we have been cooperating for years, we want to offer you the opportunity to import and export goods from North America a

Sea freight - step by step

The first step that starts the forwarding process is to accept the order and forwarding advice. At this stage, the first documents shall be drawn up specifying the parties to the contract, the quantitative and qualitative description of the goods, the loading dates and the transport formula, which shall specify the detailed delivery conditions in accordance with international recommendations. It is necessary to specify the deadline and the date and method of payment. T

The freight forwarder shall contact the shipowner in order to reserve sufficient space on the ship. These actions are called load beeching. The document confirming the conclusion of the contract with the shipowner is a booking note or a charter contract. At this stage, the shipping container for transport should also be selected accordingly, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo and its physical characteristics, the season and the load capacity of t

In maritime transport, it is not possible to deliver in the door to door formula. This means that it is necessary to organize a combined transport, with the help of which it will be possible to deliver the goods to the port. The freight forwarder must contact the road or rail operator. The transhipment relationship can be direct or indirect with storage. Maritime freight f

Forwarding would not have been possible without the preparation of the relevant documents. Commercial documents, instructions for dangerous goods, export licences and customs documents must be prepared. After gathering all the information, the freight forwarder prepares a bill of lading instruction, that is, all the necessary information about the cargo for the shipowner.