Road transport


International and national road transport. Our offer includes the following vehicles serving all-vehicle and general cargo transport:

  • Bus tarpaulin 3.5T 8/10 EP
  • Bus tarpaulin 3.5T 8/9/10/12 EP + Elevator
  • Refrigerated bus, rigid body 8 EP max -20 degrees
  • Solo Truck 12T 15 EP
  • Solo Truck 17T 18 EP + Elevator
  • Semitrailer Curtain 34 EP
  • Refrigerated semitrailer, rigid body 34EP
  • Isotherm, rigid body, 34EP

The main areas of our activity focus on France, Germany, the Benelux countries, Italy and Spain.

Due to the rapidly growing network of customers and regular carriers, we open ourself to new directions and challenges every day. Thanks to our carriers, we offer the option of monitoring transport 24/7.